Campus Life

1. Students shall greet the Principal and other superiors and the members of the faculty of the college, when they meet them for the first time during the day whether within the college or outside the campus

2. The forenoon session of the college will start with the invocation prayer and end the class hours in the evening with prayer.

3. At the stroke of the first bell for morning and afternoon session (9.20 a.m. and 1.20 .p.m.) all students must get into their class rooms quickly and occupy their seats and get ready for their lectures.

4. When a teacher enters the class-room, all students shall stand up and greet her/ him . They shall take their seats only when they are asked to do so. Likewise, students shall stand when the teacher leaves the room.

5. During working hours, no student is allowed to leave the class room or enter it without the permission of the teacher.

6. During working hours students should not come out of the class rooms.

7. Students must walk silently and in order, when moving from one class to another.