Co-Curricular Activities

1) To provide facilities to students to improve social, emotional and intellectual pursuits and encourage their soft skills and other talents.
2) To develop leadership qualities and team spirit among students.

a) Providing opportunities for their involvement in co-curricular activities.
b) Organizing academic, technical and cultural programmes to achieve the objectives through every academic association.

Academic Associations:-
The following associations in the college have the specific goal of providing and promoting facilities towards integral formations of every student.

 S.No     Committee Name     View
1.   Tamil Association  
2.  English Association  
3.  Physics Association  
4.  Mathematics Association  
5.  Computer science Association  
6.  Chemistry Association  
7.  Commerce Association  
 8.  Physical Education Association  
 9.  Fine Arts Association  
 10.  Women’s Forum  
 11.  Value Education Association  
 12.  Environment Association  
 13.  Career Guidance & Service Tests  
 14.  Alumni Association  
 15.  Parents – Teacher’s Association  
 16.  Day Scholar Association