Fees Regulation

1. Students newly admitted will pay their fees fully for the first semester at the time of admission.

2. Students withdrawing from the course after its start, are to pay the entire college fees and other fee of that year

3. Only after paying the college fees, students are permitted to pay the examination fees.

4. Irrespective of scholarship, all fees must be paid on the specified date mentioned in the college calender.

5. Students leaving the college during the semester, cannot claim any portion of the fee paid.

5. The Principal reserves the right to reject even any provisionally selected candidate without assigning reasons.

6. For late payment of college fees or examination fees, a fine of Rs.10/- per day will be charged.

7. Failing to pay college fee within thirty days from the start of the semester by a student amounts to removal of her / his name from the roll.

8. Xerox copy of the certificates submitted to the College office (or) Bonefide certificate to be submitted officially to the government, banks, educational departments and NGOs shall be obtained from the college on the second day from the date of submission of the application by paying Rs. 20/- towards administrative and processing fees.

9. Photocopying of certificates within the college campus that is left with college, requires a security fee Rs. 100 and a letter of request to be submitted to the Principal and Rs. 80/- will be reimbursed once the original certificates are returned to the college.