For Students Attention


Mobile Phones :
– No student is allowed to use mobile phones in the college and Hostels. If found using it will be confisticated and will not be returned.

Mandatory Practices :
– Talking in English, wearing identify card, attendance in bridge course, remedial coaching and special communicative English class are MANDATORY. No one is exempted.
– All the students and staff will participate house – wise compulsorily in Sports and Games and encourage one another not only on Sports Day but throughout the year.
– Mentor care program is mandatory for all students and each student will be under the care of a faculty of the respective department.


Notice Board :
– Students are expected to read the information and announcement displayed on the notice boards regularly. Ignorance of any notice put up on the college notice boards will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with requirement.
– Students shall not tamper with the notices on the notice board. Nor shall they fix any notice on the notice board without the permission of the Principal.

Dress Code :
Students must come to the college in clean and decent dress and conform to the rules of modesty. Students ( Boys and Girls ) should know “Modesty has to take priority over fashion”.
Due regard must be given to girl students by all students. All girls will enter or leave the class room or Hall first and then boys. Staff of the concerned class shall monitor it.
Students attending meetings and other gathering should conduct themselves with dignity and decorum.


Eco Friendly Campus :
– The cleanliness of the college campus and surroundings must be the personal responsibility of every student. Let walls, furniture, floor and the premise be kept clean and free of lilter.
– Students are not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol and use any drugs inside the college premises and off the campus students, Violating this rule will be dismissed squarely.
– Under the able guidance and supervision of the faculty, cultural events are practiced on campus and performed on or off campus.

Anti Students :
– No student of the college shall be a member of any association or club unconnected with the college without the previous permission of the Principal nor shall she/he take part in any anti-social activities of any kind.
– As per the order of the Supreme Court 887 / 2009 and of the educational department 7630 /A3 / 09 Tamilnadu, ragging of students, sexual harrassments of girl students and women or any anti social activity on and off campus are forbidden and any violation of this order amounts to immediate dismissal.
– As per the Rules of Educational Departments of the Government the Principal has full power to inflict the following punishments such as fine, loss of term – certificate, suspension and expulsion from the college for violating section II, 8, 18, 20 & 21.
– Girl students are to keep their bags with them in the class room and not in the rest room. College authority is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings within the campus.
– Health Education, Gender Relation, Value Education, Placement Training and Environmental Education are compulsory to all students and no one is exempted from such special programmes. Absentees will be seriously dealt with.