To form students to face the challenges of life in a dignified manner, esteeming fellow humans and the world as sacred and to produce the following vital aptitudes in its students; the ability to think clearly, acquire knowledge of the past and present, envisage the future, develop skill to do service, and continue all these for creating a healthy and self-reliant community.

– Although the University prescribes, a minimum percentage of attendance to sit for the University examination, this college insists on 90% of regular attendance in al classes for scholarship and examination.
– No student is allowed to absent oneself from the college without prior permission of the Head of the department.
– She / He must apply for leave in advance in the prescribed leave form stating explicitly the reasons for her / his absence to the HOD with the signature of the parents / guardian.
– In case of unforeseen circumstances, a leave letter form be submitted on the first day of return to the college and obtain permission of the HOD to attend classes.
– All leave should be countersigned by the parent or guardian in the case of day-scholars; and by the Director/ Deputy -director of the hostel in the case of hostellers.
– Students who are absent continuously for more than three days should meet the HOD and Vice – Principal with proper documents for such absence; no student will be permitted for semester examination, if students do not fulfill the requires attendance.
– Students must attend all the weekly tests and compositions; if not, they will be severely dealt with.
Those students who are absent for weekly tests and compositions with proper permission, will be allowed for attending such tests and compositions in a special sitting and then only enter the class.
– All students must be present on the re-opening day after the vocation.
– Those students who are absent on the first day of reopening without prior permission must meet Vice Principal and HOD of the department prior to attending next class.
– Those who come late to the college must meet Vice Principals before entering the class room and get late chits. Such late comers should ensure that their attendance is marked as present in the class attendance register for the relevant period.
– Whenever there is a change in the residential address of the student, it must be immediately notified to the college office by the student and or parents or guardian.