Patron of our College

Born in 1647, John de Britto, the son of rich and princely parents in Portugal, was edifying to his peers even as a child. He joined the Society of Jesus, when he was just fifteen years of age. Although he was forced to stay in Portugal itself, he, filled with missionary zeal, set sail for Goa with sixteen of his fellow Jesuits in 1673. In India, He travelled on foot, throughout the vast region of Madurai mission that covered almost the entire South India. His exemplary austerity,
conviction and commitment in serving the Lord and his people earned him many souls. He toiled till his last breath preaching, catechizing and baptizing multitudes, despite many obstacles. He adapted so many new indigenous methods to reach out to the people, that he earned him
the name Pandaraswami. His death was the result of his uncompromising attitude on values of justice and truth and He died as a martyr at Oriyur where he was executed by the local political leader on 04th Feb 1693. He was canonized by Pope Pius XII in 1947. St.John de Britto (Arulanandar) is the patron saint of the R.C.Diocese of Sivagangai and Ananda College is
named after him.